Dr. Pawan Grover- Interventional Specialist in Houston, TX

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Highly Experienced Interventional Specialist in Houston, TX

Dr. Pawan GroverDr. Pawan Grover

Dr. Pawan Grover is an interventional specialist (spine specialist) in Houston, TX with 20+ years of experience. He is a graduate of the UMDNJ- Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (Rutgers Medical School). He did his residency at the University of Texas Medical School’s Department of Anesthesiology and interventional Fellowship with world-renowned specialist, Professor Michael Cousins, at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, Australia.

Dr. Grover’s passion for his field came from his personal experience in taking care of his younger brother who unfortunately died in his arms. He tells us, it gave him a deep understanding of what patients and families go through when dealing with illness. He tries to use that compassion and perspective when taking care of his own patients.

Some Achievements of Dr. Pawan Grover’s

When he intervened on behalf of some patients of the “suicide doctor” Jack Kevorkian, he was thrown into a national public battle with Kevorkian on alternatives to assisted suicide. Dr. Grover appeared on Larry King Live to debate and discuss the issue.

Dr. Grover also led a national FDA study in conjunction with the Cardiology Department at Memorial Hermann Southwest. He was the first to surgically implant a patient in the United States in an FDA study evaluating Refractory Intractable Angina and the use of Spinal Cord Stimulators. This was a breakthrough study evaluating the ability of the spinal implant to improve blood flow to the heart in cases where all other traditional treatment had failed.

The very first patient in the country to undergo this implant by Dr. Grover in this FDA study was a woman who had severe angina that she could not walk from her bedroom to her laundry room without severe chest pain, despite multiple medications and history of previous heart surgery. After her successful implant, she was able to resume a tremendous quality of life and was even able to travel.

In response to his work in Pain Management and humanitarian efforts, he was given a national award at the White House from President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton.


Despite his many accomplishments, his dangerous humanitarian trip to the mountains of South Asia to help the children of the earthquake was probably the most fulfilling along with-his humanitarian and medical correspondent work for Katrina victims. As he tells us, it’s a great humbling experience that reinforces what life is all about. His efforts landed him a Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Medical Correspondent

Dr. Grover also enjoys his work as a television medical correspondent in Houston, TX. He has worked several years with KPRC in Houston, as well as Fox news, CNN and has been featured on the Discovery Channel, NBC, ABC, CBS and PBS. CNN did a special profile on Dr. Grover’s career on Memorial Day 2004.