Diagnostic Mapping

Before Back Pain Treatment Begins…

At Inovospine, we use a set of diagnostic mapping procedures to discover the source of your pain. This innovative process takes out the guesswork and leads us to a proper diagnosis.

Most doctors perform tests such as an MRI, CAT Scan and x-ray to make a diagnosis. The issue I have with that process is that those imaging studies, when looked at individually, do not show the exact cause of the issue.

Imaging studies take an image of the anatomy of a region of the body, which can show multiple problems in the body. This is not helpful when trying to make an accurate diagnosis.

A good example to illustrate the problem with imaging studies is when a patient comes in complaining about pain in the left side of their back. In this case, the imaging showed a herniated disc on the right side, which could not be the cause of the pain.

There are also other spinal pain issues that would not be picked up in an MRI, CAT Scan or x-ray. One such condition is sciatica.

Those are the reasons we use diagnostic mapping to find the root source of your pain and map out a plan to get you back to as pain free as possible.

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Dr. Pavan Grover explaining diagnostic mapping and minimally invasive procedures on Debra Duncan Show